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Autotrend EFI Products and Services

Autotrend EFI specializes in aftermarket EFI systems and components. We have been doing EFI system development and conversions since 1992 and have the experience to help you with your fuel injection project. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you're looking for a complete installation, we can provide the components, services and expertise you need.

Please feel free to call to discuss your needs (530) 642-0999.

454 Ranjet ZL1   Autotrend EFI


Billet Blower Injector Plate

Autotrend EFI 48s

Autotrend EFI 97s

New Autotrend EFI-2G Tri-Power

Billet Aluminum EFI-2G

Billet Spark Plug Wire Looms

Billet Spark Plug Wire Loom  Billet Spark Plug Wire Loom

RamJet 502 Billet Fuel Rail

RamJet 502 Billet Fuel Rail 

Custom Fuse/Relay Panels

Custom UTV Fuse/Relay Panel  Custom UTV Fuse/Relay Panel

UTV Fuse/Relay Blocks

Fuse/Relay Panel - Rhino, RZR, Teryx, Ranger, Prowler


EFI Calibration  EFI Calibration

EFI Conversions:
Complete turn key conversions from carburetion to EFI. We can do the entire conversion where the vehicle drives in carbureted and leaves injected or anything in between.

EFI System Design and Development:
Custom systems for Race, Streetrods and Muscle cars. Matching EFI systems and components is critical to a successful conversion. Whether you're looking for a plenum style system, individual runner system or a throttle body system, we can put together a system to meet your needs.

Wire Harness Design and Development:
Custom EFI harnesses as well as small run production harnesses.

Programmable EFI system Calibration:
Calibration and tuning of aftermarket EFI systems.

EFI System Diagnosis:
Trouble shoot and repair your existing EFI system. If you have an existing EFI system that is not performing properly, we can diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Earely Hemi with Hilborn Stack Injection, Accel/DFI by Autotrend EFI

427 SOHC "Cammer" Hilborn Stack Injection with Accel/DFI by Autotrend EFI

Buick Indy V6 Accel/DFI Injected