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Custom Fuse/Relay Panel

For most car enthusiasts, even a simple wiring job like adding a few auxiliary lights can be a scary proposition. The mere thought of switches, relays and color coded wires is enough to give you heartburn. Fortunately, there is an option to keep the electrical gremlins at bay and take the mystery out of wiring up 12 volt accessories on your side x side vehicle.

UTV Fuse Block
Our Fuse Block makes connecting up your 12V Accessories real easy (click photo to enlarge).


It is important to not send too much power through a switch, and the proper way to do this is through a relay. A relay allows a very low current signal to control a very high current device. A relay can be triggered with an electrical pulse as small as 150 milliamps, but the switched output can be as high as 30 or 40 amps. Auxiliary headlights fall into this category.

UTV Fuse/Relay Panel - Rhino, RZR, Teryx, Ranger, Prowler

What is included:

  • 2 relay controlled 30 amp outputs (lights, heated seats, etc.)

  • 2 fused 12v outputs (GPS, stereo, etc.)

  • A hot lead that connects directly to the battery

  • Ground lead.

  •  Ignition hot lead for triggering relays

  •  Prewired Accessory Switches

Custom Fuse/Relay Panels  Available

Custom Fuse/Relay blocks are available with any number of relays, fuses and switches. Call us with your specs or let us help you design a panel to fit your needs.  Call 530-642-0999 for more information.

Custom UTV Fuse/Relay Panel  Custom UTV Fuse/Relay Panel
A few examples of custom Fuse/Relay Panels

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