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EFI Wire Harnesses

Autotrend can help you with all your EFI harness projects. Whether you require a one off vehicle specific harness, a production/package harness or an un-terminated-flying lead harness, we can work with you to develop the perfect harness to fit your needs.

Custom EFI Harness for a 1932 Ford

Harness Features

  • Packard/Delphi Connectors and Terminals

We use only top quality XLP cross link wire and Packard/Delphi connectors and terminals in our harnesses. Harnesses are assembled using Packard crimping tools. Each harness is electronically tested and built to last.

  • Single Main Trunk Design

Street Rodders and custom application builders don't want to see a large EFI harness on their custom engines. Our harnesses are a hidden design usually under the plenum and exiting the engine at the rear, near the firewall.

  • Remote Relay and Fuse Panel

We have designed a remote relay and fuse panel that places all the relays and fuses in one location usually near the computer. This allows for a much cleaner installation.

  • Harness Integration

Engine accessory and sending unit wiring can be integrated into the EFI harness. This allows for a cleaner installation.

  • Custom Built

Each harness is custom built to your specifications and to meet your needs. Please contact us with the details of your project.

Click here to see our new Gen 7 IR Harness

Gen 7 Un-terminated Harness

For More Information, Please Email Us: info@autotrendefi.com

Superformance Cobra Harness - Under Dash  Superformance Cobra Harness - Engine Side
Superformance Cobra Harness

Brizio Phaeton Harness  Brizio Phaeton Harness
Brizio Phaeton Harness

Unterminated Harness
Unterminated Harness

1959 Evolution Corvette - Accel EFI Harness  Jaguar Harness  MoTec Harness  SPD Harness

JBL Cobra Harness  Ford EDIS Gen 7 Harness  Accel DFI Gen VII Harness
Custom Harnesses

AED Relay/Fuse Panel
Fuse/Relay Panel