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Gen 7 Un-terminated Harness

Accel DFI Gen 7 - Unterminated Harness

Fuse Panel  Harness Connectors

This harness is provided with the ECU end complete.  Coming off the main harness near the ECU is a leg that goes to the fuse/relay panel.  On this panel are all the fuses, the Power relay and Fuel Pump relay.  The fuse/relay panel connects to the main harness with a Packard 8 pin connector. Having a connector between the panel and the main harness allows the use of an optional extension harness if needed to move the panel to another location in the vehicle.  Also coming off the main harness near the ECU is the Calmap connector already terminated.  The engine end of the harness, optional accessories, the battery power and ground connections and the fuel pump lead are un-terminated. All circuits are separated and labeled. Connectors and terminals are provided.