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New Autotrend EFI Gen 7 IR Harness


Ford Small Block V8 with TWM Individual Runner (IR) Weber style induction utilizing the Accel GEN 7 system and Dual Sync distributor.

Autotrend EFI  is proud to announce the newest addition to our line of custom Accel GEN 7 harnesses for this increasingly popular application used by Cobra builders, Streetrod builders and Roush Performance Products.  

Main Harness

Engine Harness
Harness Features:

Two Piece Design
This harness is designed with both an engine harness and a main harness

Quick Disconnect Between Engine and Main Harness
This allows the use of one common “engine harness” for all applications. The quick disconnect is located at the rear of the right side (passenger side) cylinder head.
Custom Length Main Harnesses
The “main harness” mates to the “engine harness” at the rear of the right side cylinder head and is available in a 36 inch length and a 72 inch length.  
* Custom lengths and configurations available to meet the needs of car builders.

MIL Spec Style and Quality
These harnesses use only top quality XLP/TXL wire, shielded ignition circuit, Packard connectors and terminals and high temp Raychem covering. All harnesses are electronically tested with ECU and running Dual Sync distributor before shipping.

Autotrend Standard Fuse/Relay Panel
Included is the same fuse/relay panel used on our other GEN 7 harness kits.  All fuses and relays are located in one convenient location.  

Fuse/Relay Panel
Remote IAT Sensor
Panel Extension Harness

For the car builder or end user, this harness means hours and hours saved tailoring the stock harness to fit their motor and vehicle combination.

For the engine dealer this harness adds value to the engine package, more profit potential and virtually no need to supply engine wiring tech support. All harness tech support is handled by Autotrend.

Pricing Schedule:

IR harness with 36 inch main
1 - 3 units    Call for pricing
4 - 6 units    Call for pricing

IR harness with 72 inch main
1 - 3 units    Call for pricing
4 - 6 units    Call for pricing

For higher quantities and custom length orders, Please call for pricing, 530-642-0999 or Email dave@autotrendefi.com