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Father and Son Camaros

1969 Camaro 1968 Camaro

This beautiful pair of Camaros are owned by father and son team, Scott and Mike Hamilton.  Both cars are powered by GM ZZ4 crate motors and feature Accel/DFI inductions and engine management systems.  Scott built the blue 1969 Camaro convertible first and then Mike caught the muscle car bug.  When it was time for Mike to get his first car, they built the green 1968 Camaro together as a father/son project.

Both cars are street driven on a regular basis.  Mike’s 68 is a daily driver. He commutes  to school in it every day getting over 24 mpg on the freeway.  Autotrend EFI assisted both Scott and Mike with the EFI calibration and tuning.

1969 Fuel Injected Camaro 1968 Fuel Injected Camaro